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Ridge Creek Outfitters is a hunt broker that partners ONLY with PREMIER Big Game Outfitting Operations that have a proven track record of consistent success. By doing so we in turn guarantee our clients the BEST chance of individual success.
 Make no mistake, we are Trophy minded at RCO and we only build relationships with Outfitters offering FREE RANGE – FAIR CHASE hunts in Trophy areas. We cannot provide our clients the BEST opportunities if we do not place them in the BEST situation, with the BEST people, in the BEST area for the Trophy they are after.
 We do believe that the success of a hunt should be measured by the experience and adventure and not by the harvest. However, we will never place our clients with Outfitters that do not offer them the highest opportunity of taking the Trophy of a lifetime home with them. Memories are great! Memories with Trophies are better!

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